Murray's Bagels

(646) 638-1335
242 8th Ave btwn 22nd & 23rd St New York NY
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8.7 (688 Oy)

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Whole wheat? Tofu? What are you, meshuggah? Get a nice lox with a schmear, maybe, on a nice regular bagel? Don't be a schmuck and ask them to toast it... Eat, eat! You're all skin and bones! -Dave

Don't ask to toast. You will be denied and regulars will snicker. -Ben

A solid bagel shop for the Chelsea area, despite their refusal to toast their bagels. -Serious Eats

This is the slowest establishment in the city of New York. -Melissa

Whole wheat everything with low fat scallion and tomato. A del Cohen staple. -Aaron

Basis bagel with cream cheese and lox was amazing. They did not skimp on lox, and it was a very good bagel with high-quality cream cheese. -Isaac

Don't ask for toasted. They don't do it and you will appear like a tourist. -Albert

This is sausage egg and cheese on a bagel and its awesome. That is all -Samantha

The best bagel since I have got. . -Woody

Delicious bagels. Wear North Face to fit in with everyone else. -James

Don't you dare ask them to toast your bagel. -Ben

The line can be long but it moves pretty quick & is worth it -Samantha

Whole wheat everything is the way to go... -Phoenix ????????????

The place to go for lovers of the crunchy bagel. No soft, doughy business over here. And they don't toast. -Mike

I don't get why it's insulting to ask for a toasted bagel here. My bagel was not warm and fresh like he told me it would be and they have disgusting iced chai which they made me wait 10 min for. -Darls

Amazing food, lousy service. Accept it, relish it, enjoy it. -Scott

The best bagels in NYC live here. They don't toast so don't even think about asking. Weekend lines are long but it's worth the wait. -Damien

Jalapeno cream cheese oh yes. -Raj

health bagel + strawberry cream cheese = happiness! -Sarah

... ask for the whole wheat everything bagel -- it's made with whole wheat flour so it's good and good-for-you ... -Ken