+41 44 297 11 00
Badenerstr. 171 Kreis 4 Zürich
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8.1 (151 Oy)

Foursquare Yorumları:

Café mit Tram -Anima

Don't miss the upstairs lounge! -Mathias

one of the very few originally cool new restaurant interiors in zurich - my compliments to the designers -Tommi

Mezze, falafel... -João

Espresso an der Bar kostet 3.-- CHF -APA (SU2)

Good food, IF on crowdy days you manage to get served. The only crew members capable were the ones behind the coffee machine. Also the only ones who were willing to hand us the bill.. -Chnuebli

Great, stylish place. Very good food, interesting mix of regular stuff (falafel) and extraordinary dishes. -Markus

Menemen was nice to try for breakfast. Turkish coffee was not bad either. Interior design is quite unique for Zurich and it's always so crowded! Book a table in advance if you wanna go. -johnlemon

Not being a local and as a Mediterranean, I liked the place a lot .. I wish they also serve coke cola and Pepsi cola :)) -Seyda

Nice place, nice brunch, healthy food, a place worth to visit in Zurich -Leonidas

Sonntagsbrunch ist empfehlenswert. Auch orientalisch. -Walter

Lots of choice, food was fresh and amazing, nice service, modern and hip big place. Mezze à discretion was tiptop, also good place to have brunch. Reservations definitely needed. Will be back for sure -Cupcake

Jeden Tag Frühstück bis 16 Uhr! -Melunie

Tables are too small for all the tiny plates they bring your mezes on. The food itself is very tasty. -Marta

Gazpacho aus Büchsentomaten, naja. -Christian

A little slow on the service side, but great dips and wine! I'll be back soon -Monica

happy friendly service , great food urban zuri -robin

Meze à discretion is a good option and is good value for money. You can also go for a la carte. They have a few big tables for groups. Wine list is concise and not over expensive. Good food not whoa! -Arthur

The Falafel are amazing! -Pirmin

Nice for lunch. -Simon