Rösterei Hoppenworth & Ploch

+49 176 20520662
Friedberger Landstr. 86 Frankfurt am Main Hessen
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9.1 (112 Oy)

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Das neue Hopplo Café inkl. Rösterei. Diesmal ohne Uni Ambiente Kaffee pur und ganz hervorragend. Frankfurts Nr. 1! -Andree

They simply have the best coffee in Frankfurt. The coffee is freshly roasted here... -Jonathan

Ridiculously good coffee from real pro's! freshly roasted and a creative scene... -Onno

Coffee taken very seriously. Best in town. Only for aficionados. -Cyn

leeeeecker. und oberfachsimbelei. i like. -sankt

People are polite and nice to each other -Zuhal

Feel yourself a bit Friedrichshain-style just in the middle of the beautiful Nordend. Coffee unforgettable. ;) -Anna

Awesome quality coffee, try their own Nitro creation! It's a nitrogen cooled down hot brew, very mild and smooth -Karin

Sehr gut geröstete Bohnen aus verschiedenen Anbaugebieten. Die Baristas geraten bei großem Andrang mal etwas unter Stress, wodurch die Zubereitung des Kaffees nicht der gewohnten Qualität entspricht. -Flo

Good flat whites, cortados and pour over with a choice of beans. They also sell bags of their coffee beans. There's a small selection of homemade cakes. There's waffles too, but I've never tried them. -Hannah

Great coffee, small and cozy space, can get a little crowded though -Narayan

Coffee and atmosphere EXCELLENT! -Michaela

Filter coffee is great! -Andreas

Great coffee. -Antoni

Good coffee, great waffle 😊😊 -Bayu

Filter kaffee, espresso and drinks on a Friday evening. Perfect. -Rebecca

Barista perfectionista! Hier wird nichts dem Zufall überlassen: Jeder einzelne Bezug wird abgewogen. Das Ergebnis? Lecker! -Carsten

This is for real aficionados! Weekly menus of freshly roasted coffee and espresso. No sugar served - but nice sweets... -Maik